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Echoes (Vest of Poetry)

Echoes (Vest of Poetry)
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Echoes (Vest of Poetry)

©Ireti Adedipe.

Today I speak and I stand on my dignified terms, my words are unstoppable, my voice is a brutal sword that will cleanse the remnants of the Lakota kingdom.

Even Hercules, son of Zeus cannot stop my wrath. My sword is unbearable and not even a god could dared my quenching fire.

We shall march, our feet shall roar,
Over? it is not over until we say it is !! This ain’t over, when the going get tough, the tough gets going.

While we stand together, no invader shall pass. Today is the day when the courage of men fails, summon your shadow, break all bonds with fellow betrayers cause this same hour follows the crashing down of men.

This day we fight on our shattered fields,
On this I bid you stand, we shall fight for our right to live and our right to exist.

This green field were painted red with the blood of our men, smoke and hot lead pouring right through their bodies and on this day we shall devour every plants, crops, harvest, calves, reptiles, women, children and Queens of Lakota kingdom.

Today, they shall see our thirst for their blood,
Today, they shall witness the sole wrath of hell,
Today, we shall make them pay for what they did to our women and children, our lands and our crops.

Today, we shall let them hear the shouts of our Echoes,
Today, we shall make them pay with their sweat and rushes,

Take their wives, kill their animals, make their proud children your slave, make their slaves your brethren, burn their lands, burn their animals, take their crops and all therein.

Remember what their brute men did to you,
They regiment your lines, make your wives their slaves, they tore your female daughters unclad and tied their hands wide with chains right in the middle of the street for men in urge of pleasure and sexual exit.

Their men treat your female daughters like dirt and the daughters of your Queen were made as a pleasurable sexual machine with brute and extreme force from their soldiers.

Arise !! Rise !! Rise !! Kill their men, kill their women, kill their soldiers, kill their children, kill every liveth thing on their lands, let them hear our Echoes, let them feel what has cometh against them through our might and heat of their lands.

Hold the lines, stay together with one oath,
Get the head of Lakota Emperor,
Make his Queen your slave,
Make his prince and princess your slaves,
Do just as they have done to us, revenge the death of your fellow soldiers.

And if you find yourself alone with the sun on your face, do not be troubled, you are already dead and you fought, leading the hot heat of the battle and on the field of victory.

You’ve come to fight as free men and free men you are !! What will you do with that freedom? Will you fight?

“Aye !! Aye !!

So fight.. Aye !! Comes the extreme mighty Echoes/response of Aldorria soldiers.

My name is Luka, son of Abbret. The grandson of Drelec Abbret.“Nothing can stop this war” Says my amiable father, the New King of Aldorria kingdom as his mighty army march on with Echoes and shouts of ‘Aye’!!

Written by Ireti Adedipe.
© 2019.

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