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I Want A Home – Episode 58

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I Want A Home – Episode 58
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“They weren’t in the car” Steve responded sharply still maintaining his gaze at the laptop screen. He tap the enter key on the keyboard and watch the notification loading process of the software he just run start from 1% before turning back to face Joel who was asking him a question.

“Both of them?” Joel asked with an exclamation.

“Yeah. Areas round the bridge are not covered with surveillance cameras. The Tracks were cleaned up and there was no way they could be followed”

“I thought you said they were in the car when it fell off”

“Yeah, they were inside when the cops had no other option but to attack back?”

“Then that means there was a third party at the exact point, according to the position of the Toyota Camry here. Cyrus couldn’t have pulled himself out successfully with Vivian within the short period it took the cops to get there and he can’t possibly cover his tracks himself”

“Yes Joel, I thought about that already. An ordinary thug couldn’t have done that himself and covered up the tracks too”

“how about we visit the bridge? I’m sure we could fish something out”

“We will, but not right away. I need to have few words with those assassins after I’m done here”

Inspector Kelvin pulled his seat forward and adjust his seating position, he held the mouse connected to his computer and he was scrolling through some documents when a knock sounded on the door.

“Who is it?” he asked and the door opened, a junior officer walked inside without been told to come in but greeted the inspector.

“Sorry to interrupt you sir”
“No its okay, what’s the problem?”

“These are the phones and tablets devices you told me to work on” The officer stated and walked forward, he revealed the envelop he brought along and filed out four different electronic cell phones with some document attached on it. Two of the devices were taken from late Sunny’s pocket by the inspector and the two others are devices retrieved from different crime scenes.

“Good. Are you done with them?”

“Yes inspector. I got back some of the deleted files on the phone and I retrieved almost all of its contents, contacts, messages and few other important things”

“Okay. Can I have them?” inspector Kelvin asked.
“Of course sir”

Gunner opened his eyes and raised himself immediately he heard the sound of the door.

He’s sight was blurry at first but became clear few seconds after he began to hear footsteps coming their way.

A drop of Sweat gathered round his brow and dropped off in the process as he tried to look up at the two men that finally entered the room.

“Switch the light on” Steve told Joel and stopped walking immediately he made eye contact with Gunner.

He took a look at Winston who was beside him and turned back to Gunner since Winston eyes were closed.

The light turned on instantly and the whole room became brighter than it was. Joel who who had took few steps away to on the bulbs walked back and stopped beside Steve.

“Wake him up” Steve pointed out to Winston who was firmly tied to a chair and took few steps backwards to sit down.

“I have no business with you guys and I have no other plans with both of you” Steve began three minutes after Joel walked forward to wake Winston who wasn’t asleep initially.

He paused for a brief moment and continue speaking after Winston gave Joel an annoying look before he stepped back and both dues concentrated on Steve gently.

“However said, I have few questions to ask you and I want you both to answer me” Steve added in a clear and stern tone.

He maintained a strong look the same way they maintained their gaze on him. He adjust his left leg and lift the wooden chair he sat on forward.

“How do I reach Valentine and those who sent you to kill Lord Nathaniel?” Steve asked.

“You fool. Who the hell do you think you are?” Gunner responded with enough confidence instantly even though his words were slow, he nodded in the process to let the Sweat forming on his forehead drop due to the intending heat in the room.

“I only asked you a simple question man”

“And I gave you the right response” Gunner retorted almost the same seconds.

Steve made a silent chuckle afterwards and made a weary smile, he frowned instantly and nodded.

“I think you need to start answering me accordingly man, I advise that you do not test my patience and not piss me off”

“And what are you gonna do?” Winston asked. He narrowed his gaze confidently at Steve and frowned.

The settings were no different to the others and the bright backlights from the laptops provided more reflection to compensate the bright light of the room. Four men were seated at one corner of the room with different laptops and their fingers extremely busy on its keyboard.

Khora who seemed to be monitoring some of the footages he was called for few minutes ago stood behind one of the men, instructing him to pause and reverse the footage until the door to the room opened. Lord Nathaniel stepped inside and they all stop all activities in the room respectively.

After urging the men to continue each of what they were doing, Khora stepped beside Lord Nathaniel and pointed something out to him from one of the laptops.

“There was an incident yesterday my lord, we have footages capturing Steve Jones at the crime scene” Khora announced to him.

“Steve Jones” Lord Nathaniel phrased with a chuckle. He turned his face to look at the laptop screen Khora pointed to and watch some footages playing.

“What is going on there?” Lord Nathaniel asked after watching for a minute and half.

“I recognize this man here, he’s the head of a popular local thugs called Zeal. He’s called by the name Cyrus and I heard that the cops were after him” Khora tried to explain.

“I don’t need those explanations Khora, what business do Steve has here and what is he doing at this location?” Lord Nathaniel asked, stressing each word.

“He’s after Cyrus my lord”
“And why is he after a local thug?”

“I don’t know my lord”
“Then find out why Steve is after him”

Lord Nathaniel instructed and stepped backwards almost the same seconds the door to the room opened again before he was about to speak. Everyone in the room including khora who had his back turned against the door looked up distractedly.

“My lord, Lord Margot demanded for your presence” one of the drug lord boys announced.

Metlife Company, ( Conference Room )

All the waiting board members stand up with respect immediately Chairman Kim Shun stepped into the conference room.

He walked to the only available space in the front row of the rectangular table and sit before the board members began to sit after he did.

The old man cleared his throat and they all turned to listen carefully to what he wants to say after they all settled.

“My sincere apologies to the inconveniences this sudden impromptu meeting could have caused all of you. I must say its been a while we last had a meeting like this ever since Doss became the Director of this firm and our progress have been imaginable over the years” he paused for a moment and leaned comfortably on the chair, he placed his left elbow on the desk and continued.

“But we do have a disturbing wave lately which I know all of you seated here are aware that we do not place a stand against. I however had made a decision keen to what no changes could take effect that we are all dropping off evidences we may have against JC firm and any other investors individually”

The old man added and placed his second elbow on the table just then he began to hear distinct murmurs and some uncomfortable sounds from each sides.

Steve opened the passenger side of the car and stepped outside, Joel who halted the car opened the driver side himself and stepped out too. He walk to the other side of the express road as waves from fast moving vehicles sounds.

“So what’s your plan?” he asked Steve and adjust his shirt, he closed up the loosed buttons of the sky blue shirt he wore and heaved a deep breath after stepping beside Steve who took out his phone.

“We have to find another place to park first, somewhere safe we can access easily in case of any emergency. we’ll proceed towards the old building thereafter and lets see if we could find a clue”

To be continued..

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