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I Want A Home – Episode 60

I want a home - EPISODE 37
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I Want A Home – Episode 60
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“I checked both of your profiles through your mobile devices. He’s called Cyrus, a leader of a thug team who call themselves Zeal and you are Vivian, an employee of Gidx company”

Derrick stated fully while Vivian listened, he pointed to Cyrus who was still unconscious on the bed and nodded the way she did.

He tightened the bandage on her wounded leg as Vivian let out a painful yell, her left leg was placed on the only table inside the room while Derrick apply some medicines on it.

“I think we need to head back now Steve, there’s nothing in here” Joel managed to say feeling so tired. He stopped walking and stared at Steve who also turned to him.

“Its been more than 3 hours Steve, its late and I don’t think we can find anything here” Joel added.

He paused to hear what Steve had to say but there was none. He watched as Steve played with one dry wood on the ground instead of answering and he seemed to be considering if they should just head back like Joel had suggested.

Steve who was playing with the dry wood kicked it off to a far away length as if he was playing football just then Joel noticed something on the ground as the wood was kicked off. He frowned instantly and called Steve.

“See this track here, these are motorcycle tracks” He quickly walked behind Steve and squatted, he touched the ground instantly and Steve turned to see what he discovered.

Steve also squatted immediately and touched some part of the soil, there were different traces of Motorcycle tires and from the look of things, the motorcycle must have just passed through the place recently.

“These are fresh tracks Joel” Steve announced as if Joel doesn’t know already.

“I’m sorry. You should try to eat something now, I have some assorted fish and some cooked plantain here. I’m sure you must be hungry” Derrick says and stood up finally after lots of conversation between him and Vivian.

He watched her nodded in affirmation and nodded too. “So what are you gonna do with him?” Vivian asked, referring to Cyrus.

“I’m gonna give him out to the cops when he’s conscious”

“How? I thought you said you can’t let anyone and especially the cops found you”

“Yes but its a different turn of situation here, that is a wanted criminal” Vivian nodded immediately she heard him. She said no further and Derrick nodded too after looking at Cyrus on the bed.

“Okay. Let me get you something to eat” Derrick stated and proceeded to the door while she nodded again.

“Okay. The tracks end here”
“Yeah but I think you need to come forward Steve, come and see what I’m damn seeing here”

Joel called as Steve who was still walking behind moved closer to Joel, he stopped beside Joel to see what he pointed to.

There was a house few distance away from the logs of wood they had traced the tracks to, a motorcycle was parked in front of the building and different logs of dry wood jam-parked at one edge of the building.

The door to the house opened and a man walked out from the building, he walked towards the motorcycle and they watched him sat on it. They couldn’t see what he did on the motorcycle but they could see him through the help of the bright moon light.

They watched him stand up on the motorcycle few seconds later and he headed to the back of the building.

Steve brought out his gun immediately and Joel did likewise, both of them cocked it at once and they began to walk towards the small wood fence of the building immediately.

Derrick brought out a cup from the cupboard he just opened, he brought out a plate and a small pot, he opened the pot and picked up some assorted fish on the plate, he covered the pot and returned it into the cupboard.

He brought out another pot and opened it likewise, he picked up some plantain on the same plate and returned the pot into the cupboard. He was about to turned back with the plate of food when he heard some footsteps behind him.

He closed the cupboard and turned back thinking Vivian had come out from the house, he took few steps away from the barn where the cupboard was placed only to quickly paved back when a gun was fired at him.

The plate he carried fell over and the meal turned instantly.

Joel fired another shots and another again, the bullet pierced the bricks of the building and he quickly moved forward.

“Damn it” Derrick cursed in fright, his hands tried to locate a gun but he was with none, he looked straight at the barn.

“What the fu..ck just happened?” He cursed again.

Vivian vibrated in fright immediately she heard close sound of gunshot outside suddenly, she placed her legs down from the table instantly and tried to stand from the bamboo chair.

She was yet to stand and turned sideways when the gunshots sounded repeatedly and she turned back to the door.

Steve raised his gun immediately he heard the third gunshot Joel fired, he made brief glances at his left and right sides before he suddenly kicked the door of the building ajar, he stepped inside partly and held the trigger of the revolver.

Lord Nathaniel stepped into the room immediately Khora stepped ahead to open the door for him. He tucked both hands into his long jacket and walked into the big room Margot and Vladimir was already seated.

“You called for me Margot” he phrased.

“Yes Nathaniel, I have the data’s with full instructions of how to get the untraceable funds and I’ve just called you and Vladimir to see what I’ve found” Margot answered him affirmatively. She turned to Tom who was standing behind with a remote control.

Lord Nathaniel nodded once immediately he heard her and made a face, he took out his left finger from the jacket after looking at Vladimir’s position. He sat down thereafter and turn to Margot.

“These are the encrypted files” Margot began to speak immediately Tom pinched in some keys on the remote. The only monitor screen in the big room displayed instantly and all of them, both drug lords with Stone and Khora turned to watch what was displayed on the monitor.

“The church beside this old building is a safehouse in Los Angeles, the founder of the church is a late Reverend who was succeeded by his first son after his death 15 years ago, the building next to the church is a property of the church and there’s a vault in the catacombs”

Margot explained as images began to slide across the monitor while they all watch and listen.

“Inside the Vault is a metal key and a disk, we need to get our hands on that key and the disk” she continued.

“Raise the hands where I could see them man” Joel shouted at Derrick. He fired another bullet between Derrick’s legs and smashed his hands on Derrick’s shoulder to show his seriousness.

“Who else is in the building?” Joel asked immediately they got out from the backyard almost immediately Steve came out from the room.

“Two people” Derrick answered and looked at the entrance.

Inspector Kelvin heaved a sigh and return the files back to Detective Cougar. He leaned back on the chair he was seated and placed his right elbow on the hand rest.

“We need to trend on carefully inspector. I’ll make an official meeting with the head of their security personnel soon and I’d want us to meet him” Detective Cougar added immediately he collected the files, he dropped it on the office desk and leaned back the same way.

He made a deep breath afterwards and took a glance at his wristwatch. “I clearly understand your point Detective, what we are contemplating on seems difficult and dangerous but we still have to do this anyways”

“Yes inspector Kelvin but carefully” Detective Cougar was still saying when a knock sounded on the door.

Mary stepped into the office few seconds later and exchanged greetings with the two men already seated in the office.

“Welcome agent, please do have your seat” Inspector Kelvin greeted just after Mary and Detective Cougar made eye contact.

“Steve Jones would join us too in few minutes” The inspector added.

To be continued..

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