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I Want A Home – Episode 61

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I Want A Home – Episode 61
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“Steve Jones” Derrick called the third time before Steve finally dropped the gun. His hands were still raised and Joel was solemnly behind him.

“Derrick Joe” Steve who had narrowed his face at the stranger at first called likewise.

Derrick made a chuckle immediately Steve recognized him, he shrugged, made a faint laugh and maintained his gaze on Steve.

“Here is another Butcher store in Hong Kong, the owner of the store is a man called Kent” just as Margot mentioned, another picture of a butchery store alongside a man appeared on the monitor screen all of them was watching.

“Kent is a 36 years old man who secretly deals in Junks. Its believed he’s a God fearing man who goes nothing but the Christian way, people who knows him around speak high of him and he’s known so well for charity and commitment to motherless government homes” Margot added while they watched and listened, she changed her standing position and walked close to the monitor.

“There is another vault somewhere in the butchery store and it contains the same type of key with the same type of disk we must get our hands on likewise”

Margot stated just immediately Lord Nathaniel made a faint chuckle. “This is gonna be interesting” he added silently with a smirk while all of them made quick glances at him except Khora who was standing behind with a fixated gaze at the screen.

“This is Tedango, a vast businessman who owned the best construction company in Dubai and Mexico, he’s the chairman of M. X. T company. I’m sure you must have heard about him. Basically we know he’s a North Korean and he’s also known as Chairman Lee moon but people generally call him Tedango which according to him means ‘Man-bird’

“The construction of Jc Firm was done by his company and few other great firms in the world today was done by his construction company. However, Tedango has a wife and three grown up children, one of which is a Medical doctor, his Second daughter owned the world most expensive body care company and his last child heads and control his construction firms” Margot said and paused, she walked back to her previous position and turned back to watch the monitor likewise.

Four gridded different pictures were displayed on the screen and few information about each of them shown under each picture, few seconds later, the pictures slides and another image appeared on the screen. Margot continued.

“This is Tedango personal house, it’s located in Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea. The mansion is divided into two subsections where high tech securities ever seen in the world are installed. However from the files I have here, There is a particular section of the mansion where there’s a facility that leads to an underground building in the mansion. There’s a vault in this facility and it contains same types of metal key likewise a disk” Margot stated and paused again.

Few minutes later.

“This is one hell of a building” Joel remarked in his American accent. He returned the gun he held back behind him and touched one of the flower vast. He sniffed it like its was one of his dope and turned back to Derrick and Steve, he looked at Cyrus who was on the bed after he took brief glances at Vivian’s backside.

Vivian was seated on the same bamboo chair, Steve was standing and Derrick also was. Joel who had walked to the edges in the room towards the flower vast soon walked to the second bamboo chair to sit few seconds later.

Steve felt the surge, of course an expected one that affect him down to his toes. He felt the fears, he felt the feelings to only make things better just like his tick-tock mind timer reduced at the very sight of Vivian who they both made eye contact and an unexplainable gaze of not mere fate immediately he barged the door opened few minutes ago.

Unlike Vivian, Fate was really playing a fast one on her. She did narrowed her brow in fright and shone her sight deeper than what she could explain. Something rings in her head, of course something she couldn’t explain, an in-explainable apparition and an hallucination one as she heaved a deep.. deep breath.

“You guys know each other?” Derrick, who was yet to unravel the sudden tensed feeling of Vivian asked. He turned to Vivian at first, expecting an answer from her but there was none until he turned to Steve. Joel seemed to him like a silly jackal, so he didn’t bother turning to ask Joel.

“I thought you were dead Derrick” Steve phrased instead of answering the question.

“No I wasn’t Steve. After Master Rhys death, I escaped out to Los Angeles using a fake identity with the money left on me, I couldn’t try to reach out to my bank account simply hell that I could be traced with any online transactions. I stayed hiding in Los Angeles for few months until I was implicated by a woman I tried to help save her sons life. The cops were after me, some of lord Benjamin’s men were also after me and I had no other option but to leave Los Angeles until I heard Lord Nathaniel killed Lord Benjamin” Derrick answered.

He was about to speak again when he saw Steve suddenly went on his knees in front of Vivian.

Steve made a deep breath and was about to speak when he saw the look on Vivian but the ringing sound of his phone interrupted him, he quickly located the phone in order to silence the call when he saw who the caller was, inspector Kelvin was displayed.

“Vladimir and his men will go to Hong Kong, I and my boys will visit the Church in Los Angeles while You and your men will handle Tendango” Margot concluded after Lord Nathaniel’s question.

“These three keys and the disk contains further instructions of how to get the fund. Once we have our hands on the three vaults, all these war ends finally. Any further question from you Vladimir?” Margot asked,

“No Margot, we’ll proceed then”

“Good. The dangerous journey we are about to embark requires strict secrecy and different strategies. The three of us must ensure no failure or the whole plan goes offshore once anyone fails” Margot continued speaking.

Gmt 09:00 am.
State Security Headquarters.

“What have you guys found out?” Mr. Conlan asked the two subordinate standing before his desk while he paused what he was doing earlier on before the two men walked into his office.

Four days has passed by since the seizure of JC firm, he knew they had to be fast on their investigations and Fitch out evidences against the company, particularly the founder, Harrison William. He placed his elbows on the desk and rest his jaw on his palm.

“We traced the company account transactions from 5 years ago down to last month, the company spent maximum amount of 10-15 million dollars every month and they get back 15-26 million dollars maximum same month. That is about 154 million dollars every year for four years until recently when the company got more than 180 million US dollars with a stipulated average of its 154 million dollars gotten every year”

“Wow. Interesting” Mr. Conlan remarked instantly with full seriousness. He urged the men to continue speaking after asking a question.

“Do you traced the destination of all these money ?” He asked, expecting one of them to answer.

“Yes. Albert and I find it suspicious when we tried to locate where all the money goes to. We linked all the seized files and documents together with some of their online transaction data’s. We found out that the money goes to four separate accounts from the company account every month”


“Yes Mr. Conlan, here are our findings” One of the men stretched out a document to the Prosecutor who quickly collected it after the exclamation he made.

A minute of silence emerged between them immediately the American concentrated on the document.

Another minute passed by and two more minutes continually before they heard a knock at the door.

A young suited lady entered the room few seconds after the knock and the three dues turned to face her.

“Sir, two men are here to see you” The lady announced after taking few steps ahead the door.

“Two men. Who are they?”

“Detective Cougar and Mr. Madison” the lady answered.

“Oh let them in quickly, I’ve been awaiting them. You guys can excuse me, I’ll call you back in few hours” The American Prosecutor instructed the lady while telling the guys standing to leave.

Chairman Kim Shun suddenly stopped walking as expected, he turned back to his Personal assistance and asked that the statement he just utter be repeated.

“What did you say?” The old man asked and narrowed his face in annoyance.

“None of the board members dropped charges contrary to the instructions you gave them, there was an announcement that some delegates will be sent to Frank Kennedy company in Los Angeles tomorrow” his personal assistance repeated calmly. He made a silent sigh in frustration and jerked off all of a sudden when the old man shouted.

To be continued…

This episode ought to place on some flashbacks but I’ve shortened it and had categorize it to fit future updates. Incase you are wondering who Lord Benjamin is, you can kindly go to the previous posts < I want A home – episode 2>  where Lord Nathaniel killed his blood brother 

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