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I Want A Home – Episode 63

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I Want A Home – Episode 63
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Mr. Madison and Detective Cougar was still seated side by side at the same position, the American prosecutor, Mr Colan was seated at the other curve of the office table and the two men that went out earlier on had been called back into the office. One of them was speaking but both of them were standing while the three respective agents listened.

“We traced the money from the company account to the respective accounts that was stated the money were transferred to, we also tried to reach some of their local employees in remote places but none of them ascertain they received any allowances or money apart from the little salary that was transferred to their account every month. Some of them complained the company owned them money and that they’ve not been paid for the past 6-7 months”

“From our discovery, some of our board members had hands in this fraud and some of them solemnly received huge money sent into their account. Mr Doss and I looked into it a week ago and we found out that all these money disappeared with no traces from these accounts few months after the money were sent”

“Mr. Madison, a consolidated duplicate data was found in your server and that has everything I believed link to Chairman Kim Shun” Mr. Colan stated straight in argument. He’s voice was stern, broad and loud as he spoke. He placed his elbows on the desk in between the laptop keyboard on the desk and the monitor system he was working earlier on.

“Yes Mr. Colan, but this.. These do not link anyways to Chairman Kim Shun. What do you meant Mr. Colan?” Madison questioned and squinted in confusion.

“This duplicate data, can I see all it contains?” the American prosecutor asked instead of answering. He took a quick glance at Detective Cougar and back at Madison who had leaned back on the chair.

The four of them in the room soon concentrated on Madison and fixated their gaze on him except detective Cougar who was closely sitting beside him, hoping to hear his response. He was about speaking when Detective Cougar interrupted after few seconds of silence.

“My partner and I have been on this case for months Mr. Madison, I’ve told you how this all started. Nathaniel was once an employee of Metlife insurance, he was solemnly responsible for detecting the leaked data from one of your board member profiles. He discovered traces of untraceable fund and many illegal transactions that occurred secretly from the company account to an account offshore. He contacted some topnotch hackers who helped him extract all the information he got from this data into a hard drive and a tablet device that contains full instructions on how to get hands on this funds.

My partner and I however with all investigations that led to another also discovered that some men were also after it. Few weeks after he extract the data, he dropped his resignation letter and contacted the board member through which he discovered the data not after ensuring that he had deleted it on Metlife servers but there was a duplicate of the data which he had no knowledge about until few months ago”

“Yeah. The duplicate data is on our server but I do not see how its links to Chairman Kim shun anyways” Madison quickly interrupted the detective.

“You seem to be protecting someone here Mr. Madison” the American prosecutor said.

“Absolutely not Mr. Colan, I just do not see this linking to Chairman Kim anywhere or anyway” Madison tried to explain.

“Neither do I Mr. Madison but I do think you should let us see this duplicate data and let’s know where and how we proceed with this investigation”

04:00 am

Derrick closed the boot of the car and walked to the back seat of the vehicle. He opt in quickly after opening the door and sit beside Joel at the back seat.

Steve was at the driver seat and Vivian was seated at the front passenger side.

“Shall we go?” Derrick asked as he settled and closed the door.

“Do whatever sh..it you have to do and get back to me safe, if you cannot run away with me at least stay alive and make me happy” Vivian said and turned to use the seat belt just as Steve kicked the car to life.

Steve closed his eyes for a moment immediately she turned her face from him, trying to feel the vibration of her words, he made a deep breath and hold the wheel. He felt like saying something but no words came from him.

He nodded once and began to drive. He navigated to the main road instantly since no car was passing the route that early morning.

“We are gonna drop you off at the place. Its the safest place for you to stay for now, Derrick would make contact with your aunt’s fiancee as planned While Joel and I continue with the plans” Steve began to say as he stepped on the car accelerator.

“Joel, please check the Street CCTV footage if there are no police check point anywhere. We’d proceed on to meet inspector Kelvin after Dropping Derrick and Vivian to the safe place” Steve added and took a glance at Vivian who looked straight on before a glance at Joel who was busy with an Android phone at the back seat.

Gunner managed to look up where he was firmly tied immediately he heard the sound of the door opening and some footsteps later.

Two people were approaching them as he turned to his left side where Winston was tied, he turned back to the two approaching blurry figure at first till his eyes cleared. A woman and a man was walking closer.

The woman was carrying a tray and a bottle of water on it, two well parked baked pie was on the tray and she walked closer to them when the man stopped walking.

“I heard you two haven’t tasted anything since you’ve been here. Its preferable for you to eat now and get more strength to answer my questions” Inspector Kelvin began to speak immediately Mary walked backwards after dropping the tray.

“Take the cuffs on their hands off” the inspector told Mary just as she exclaimed.

“Uh !!”
“They need their hands to eat, take the cuffs off and let them eat” the inspector added immediately after Mary exclaimed.

“They are dangerous inspector, more reason they must have been tied this way, especially him” Mary tried to counter the inspector, pointing out to Winston whose eyes were closed as someone unaware about the situation would thought he was unconscious

“I know agent, I’m very much aware of what they are capable of but just take the cuffs off first” Inspector Kelvin said confidently.

05:26 am

Four gunmen were walking behind Lord Nathaniel as he walked outside the building. One of them quickly opened the door to the vehicle he was about to opt in while Khora who was already at the driver seat kicked the car to life.

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One of the four men opened the front passenger seat of the same vehicle and got inside while the rest went back to the second car parked behind the car lord Nathaniel entered.

“Khora” Lord Nathaniel called after settling.

“Yes my lord”

“Have you done what I instructed?”

“Yes my lord, the money are in the boots. The fake passports and identities for everyone are here”

Khora answered and signaled to the gunman who was at the front seat to open the dashboard as he start moving just then one of the phones lord Nathaniel held rang.

Lord Nathaniel held the phone up for a moment and tried to read the unsaved contact displayed on the phone. He answered the call and placed it on his ear.

“Hey lord Nathaniel, its me Steve Jones” A masculine broad voice sounded on the phone. A part smile formed on lord Nathaniel’s face and a chuckle followed immediately he heard the voice after few seconds the words echoed on his head.

“Steve Jones” he phrased out few seconds after the caller introduced himself. He also met the eyes of Khora through the in-mirror.

“Yes. I have few information to tell you” Steve started sharply.

“Information !!” Lord Nathaniel phrased in a baffled way.

“And what good does your information has to benefit me?” he asked.

“It has everything lord Nathaniel. Someone very close is after your life and there is a plan in place to kill you three days from now”

Steve answered as he slowed down, he turned to the side of the road and alighted when Joel ushered him to stop the car. Vivian and Derrick came down as the three other doors of the vehicle opened.

Joel came down likewise and entered the front passenger seat just as Vivian and Derrick stepped back. The building they were heading was just about some distance away to the road.

“What do you meant?” Steve finally heard lord Nathaniel asked as he bade Vivian farewell as well as Derrick.

He looked at Derrick and nodded to tell him to move on while Joel change his seating position.

“Master Ruiz is alive and he plan on killing you in three days” Steve says.

To be continued..

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