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I Want A Home – Episode 64

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I Want A Home – Episode 64
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Steve answered as he slowed down, he turned to the side of the road and alighted when Joel ushered him to stop the car. Vivian and Derrick came down as the three other doors of the vehicle opened.

Joel came down likewise and entered the front passenger seat just as Vivian and Derrick stepped back. The building they were heading was just about some blocks away to the road.

“What do you meant?” Steve finally heard lord Nathaniel asked as he bade Vivian farewell as well as Derrick.

He looked at Derrick and nodded to tell him to move on while Joel change his seating position.

“Master Ruiz is alive and he plan on killing you in three days” Steve says.

“Huh. What did you say?” Lord Nathaniel asked. He gathered his brow and stared a look at Khora who looked straight back at him. They were out of the building already and was already on the road.

“Mr. Ruiz is alive and he’s on the watch for you. He has a plan in place to attack you and your men in three days from now” Steve repeated.

A susceptible smirk pop from Lord Nathaniel immediately he heard the calm but serious tone from Steve. He widened his face the more in confusion and as if to carefully hear out the babbling words coming from Steve or still continue having the same funny feeling when he heard Steve was speaking.

There was some sought of silence for 15 seconds instantly, none of the dues spoke as Khora turned to look at the drug lord again as well as the man sitting at the front passenger seat who looked through the rear mirror.


“I met him few days ago and he explained how he was saved by a local farmer who helped him when you kill him and lord Benjamin” Steve answered from the other end and kicked the car engine back to life. He navigated to the main road immediately and speed off. A Bluetooth earpiece was attached with his cellphone nevertheless do not need to hold it while driving.

“Ruiz” !! He heard the drug lord phrased, stretching the name.

“Yes. He’s working for the cops right now and they are on the move to get you in three days”

A chuckle pop from Lord Nathaniel again immediately he heard that. He made a wry laugh and Steve words still seems like a babble to him.

“And why are you telling me?” He asked thereafter.

“I want something from you in exchange with full information about the plans and the whereabouts of Lord Ruiz. He’s practically back for revenge”

Another chuckle pop from lord Nathaniel again. “Are you trying to make a deal with me?” he asked again in a loud but funny way and laughed.

“I’m sending a video to you now, get back to me when you find my words serious” Steve said from the other end and ended the call as lord Nathaniel laughed. A pop up notification appeared on the drug lord’s phone signifying a new message immediately the call disconnected. He made a chuckle immediately and dragged down the notification bar.

“He doesn’t believe me” Steve told Joel as he drive immediately he ended the call.

“Of course he wouldn’t believe you. Nathaniel would kill you at a slight sight. I’m sure you know yourself” Joel said and took a look at the road after a glance at Steve, he nodded once and nod again as he mime the song playing on the earpiece attached to his phone playfully afterwards.

Steve nodded too like – in agreement, he nodded the second time and shrugged.

“I’m sure he’s gonna call back” he phrased.

Lord Nathaniel clicked on the video immediately he dragged down the notification at the top bar of his phone and the play button appeared. He clicked on the play button and the video began to display.

He maintained a gaze as the video loaded first and then began to read.

An image of a building started the first 20 seconds of the video, it’s was a very big building painted in white. Three to four gunmen were standing at the entrance. Two at the balcony and one at the left side of the building. The last gunman seemed to be walking forward and it all seemed like he was working towards a moving camera. He raised the volume of the phone when he heard no sound on the video, he paused it for a moment and played it to be sure if the video was displaying with the appropriate video player its ought to be played. The video began to read again but no sound still came from it.

He watched as the fourth gunman moved closer and watched onwards for another 30 seconds. Soon the video switched from outside to the inside after few caption of the environments when he began to hear some sounds.

He continued watching on for about one and a half minutes until a clear picture of a man showed. He was wearing a blue suit with a bolted tie, full beards and very hairy.

Alas, he squinted for a moment, gazing at the image on the video. Its was no other than the person he knew, no one other than Ruiz.

“Woah” He muttered almost inaudible and finally began to hear sounds and voices playing on the video.

He paused the video immediately. He made a weird smirk and made some humm sounds seeing a supposed deceased Man. He was about to play the video again when all of a sudden Khora who was driving the vehicle stepped on the break while on motion. He gaped forward due to the absence of seat belt at the back seat and gaped back as the vehicle tires rolled side ways crazily.

The phone fell from him in the process and he gaped back in total shock, thinking an accident had happened.

“What the..” he couldn’t complete what he was about to say when a loud bang sounded and the car coming behind them went up in flames.

Suddenly, three vehicles speed up crazily ahead the road and two vehicles appeared some distance behind them.

Unknown Gunmen came down from the vehicles and gunshots were directed towards the jeep lord Nathaniel was inside instantly. Everything happened less than 60 seconds and fast like an unanticipated accident.

“What the hell is going on?” The drug lord exclaimed in shock at the mere sight of what he saw ahead and behind them. Khora quickly swiped the car around as heavy gunshot were directed on them by unknown gunmen immediately.

He opened the dashboard of the car and brought out a revolver, the man seated at the front passenger side brought out a gun likewise and lord Nathaniel who seemed to be in total shock looked behind him in awe.

Before he could know what was going on, a bullet penetrated the front glass of the car and that was when Khora shouted.

“We are under an attack my lord”

“Come inside” Derrick told Vivian immediately he was able to open the security door of the building.

He stepped inside first and Vivian walked in behind him.

“Do you want some milk?” he asked Vivian who was still looking at the whole room few seconds after they finally entered.

The room was painted all white, well decorated and beautifully designed. Three sized seaters were at the middle of the room and different sized paintings hung on the wall.

“Do you want some milk?” Derrick’s voice jerked her off as she took more seconds to look at the whole room, Especially the balcony.

“Do I get you milk?” he repeated again and smiled seeing her reaction.

“Uh !! Hmm yeah” Vivian replied and turned to him, she nodded twice and her eyes located the sofa Derrick pointed to.

“Do have your seat, Let me get you milk while I prepare some food for us” He told her and walked out to the balcony that lead to the other rooms.

Vivian let out a sigh as she settled on the soft sofa, she sat comfortably while adjusting her long hair in the process as she watch Derrick walk away.

“Who sent you to kill Lord Nathaniel?” Inspector Kelvin asked Winston again. He squatted leaving some distance between them and made a smirk when there was yet no response from Winston.

“Why don’t you ask your partner that question? I told him all he needs to know already” Winston answered the inspector, he stretched his bones in the process and tried to sit properly on the chair his feet were tied to.

Inspector Kelvin made a chuckle and stand up immediately, he stepped back first after taking a look at Gunner who literally didn’t answer any of the questions he asked. He turned to Mary who was standing behind him. He was about speaking when a loud broad voice interrupted him at the door.

“They wouldn’t answer your questions Inspector” Steve voice sounded from the door step.

Both the inspector and Mary turned back towards the door immediately they heard him, he stepped into the room and Joel entered behind him.

“And why won’t they Steve?” Inspector Kelvin asked enthusiasmly. He listened to the sounds coming from Steve’s step as he walked towards them and took a step backwards.

He noticed something undue from the way Steve spoke and totally noticed something’s changed about him.

“Hi inspector Kelvin, I’m sure this is our first time of meeting” Joel greeted the inspector casually as he and Steve walked towards them. The inspector’s hands had been pocketed so did he not bother extending an handshake.

“They wouldn’t speak to anyone even if you torture them. They are highly trained professionals and its wouldn’t be any easy to have captured them if not for the sole help of Joel here” Steve remarked and answered the inspector.

Joel bowed slightly and smiled partly as Mary and the inspector looked at him after Steve’s remarks. He took a look at Winston feeling delighted of sought and that was when he finally extend an handshake to Inspector Kelvin who quietly received his shake.

“Joel Reagan” He introduced himself feeling proud and bowed slightly to greet Mary.

“Inspector Kelvin !! I’ve heard so much about you Joel” the inspector said as they broke the handshake.

“Of course I’m a con artist and a dream chaser” Joel thought to himself as the inspector introduced the female Agent beside him.

“I found who sent them” Steve continued.

The front passenger side door of the car penetrated most of the bullet as well as the driver side. Khora squatted behind the driver side door while one of their men seated at the front seat was in same position.

Lord Nathaniel came down from the car as well and began to shoot the gunmen behind them. Khora faced the attackers ahead while the other man faced the back side likewise, trying to get lord Nathaniel to safety.

Its all happened within a blink as different gunshots filled the air. More than seven men were attacking from the back and more than eight of them shooting ahead.

“I Want Nathaniel alive” someone shouted amidst the attackers as they all shoot.

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To be continued

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