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I Want A Home – Episode 65

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I Want A Home – Episode 65
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Valentine made a wicked smirk and sit down around the five men quietly after clapping loud. He laughed and nodded once in satisfactory, dressed in all black attire, he held a black rod and a black shade as he sits on the only metal chair in the dark room whilst an oil lamp was the only source of light in the room.

“Bring him inside” he instructed one of the men standing behind him.

A minutes after, two men entered roughly, dragging a man between them. The occupants in the room maintained their mean face as they dragged the man before Valentine who gave the instruction.

“Three dead bodies were placed side by side at the right corner and from the appearance of the place, its seems as though they were inside a horse barn.

“Muchol, are you going to give me what I need or I kill you like I’ve killed them?” Valentine asked immediately the man was forced on his knees. He pointed at the three lifeless bodies to create more fear into the dragged man’s mind.

“Ye..s, Yes !! I’ll give you.. I’ll give you, just leave my family out of this, they know nothing about this” Came the immediate crying response of Muchol.

“Good. I’m listening” Valentine said in a stern tone that relates an extreme annoyance.

“We gave her the data with full instructions of how to get the locks and the disk. And In exchange, we received huge amounts of money and cocaine from her” Muchol began to speak instantly.


Few minutes later.

The limousine vehicle back door was opened for Valentine immediately he came out from the compound. He opt inside the car immediately and brought out his phone.

He navigated to the contact lists and dialed Franklin’s contact instantly. He waited for the call to be received thereafter took a look at the entrance of the building he came out from, four of his boys were carrying out the dead bodies inside the building as he waited.

Muchol’s dead body was the first to be carried out before the three other lifeless ones inside the building. He felt the need to have spare Muchol earlier on when he gave out the whole information but his fingers did otherwise and he pulled the trigger. He heaved a sigh just after the limousine moved almost immediately his call was answered.

“Hey Val” He heard Franklin greeted from the other end.

“Frank. Make contact with reverend William immediately and have him move out the disk and the key from his church in Los Angeles right now” Valentine said instantly without replying Frank greetings.

“What !! Why should I do that?” Frank asked and exclaimed from the other end.

“I can’t explain right now frank, just do as I say and I’m contacting Harry immediately after this call”

“Is there any problem I need to know about?” Frank asked, sounding baffled.

“Yes but I can’t explain right now”

“Valentine, The Church is the safest place to keep that key and the disk man. Its been months since it was kept there and I need to know why you are asking me to move it”

“I can’t give you any information right now Frank. Listen to me and just do as I’ve said”
“But !!”

“Make no But Frank, the church is no longer safe and the catacombs itself has been discovered. Make contact with the Reverend immediately and have them move the box from the church”

“Okay. I’ll do just that” the call ended immediately and valentine strolled down to a contact saved as Harry. He dialed the number straightened and waited for the call to be answered while he took his time to look at the road sides as the limousine speed on but the call wasn’t answered all through. He redial it instantly and placed it on his ear before the call was answered.

“Harry” He called out instantly.

“Hey Valentine” Harrison called back in a low and sleepy voice from the other end.

“Hey Man you need to get up from slumber, I need you to reach out to Kent in Hong Kong right away and have him move the box from his stores” There was in immediate silence immediately Valentine phrased.

Harrison sat up instantly, he stretched his right arm above the headboard of his bed and his finger quickly located a button at one corner of the board. He clicked the tip of the button and the whole light in the room turned on.

“What do you mean?” he asked, sounding baffled as he slowly sat up.

“I can’t explain right now Harry. I’m calling Tendango right after this call and I’ve just called Frank to reach out to William. Just do as I say man”

“What the heck.. I need to know what is going on Val. I can’t move the box if you don’t give me explanations.. I am solemnly..”

“There is no time for argument Harry, I can’t give you any explanation right now” Valentine retorted in interruption.


Margot tried to free the tight rope on her wrist as she was forcefully dragged forward by unknown men. She made painful sounds when her knee was forced on the ground and the blank coat covering her head was taking off.

She still tried to resist the holds of the two men that dragged her forward even though her brute knees was already on the ground but she had no strength whatsoever. She was weak and her knees hurts bad.

She squinted to assimilate the sun light coming in through the window and quickly bowed her head from the shone sun directly on her face.

She raised her face immediately and tried to cover up her eyes with her hands just thereafter she heard a familiar voice.

“Close the windows” Valentine instructed one of the two men that brought her inside.

The window was closed immediately just then Margot was able to assimilate the little light still reflecting from the outside.

“Its been a long time Margot. We finally meet again” Valentine said in a mocking voice, staring at Margot who was yet to still see very well.

The front door of the apartment smashed open with just a kick Khora gave the door. He entered first and Lord Nathaniel stepped inside quickly.

“Close the door right away” Khora told the man behind lord Nathaniel immediately the three of them entered.

He rushed in a swift towards the window of the apartment and closed it. He took a look at the compound of the building and hurry to close the rest of the windows. He was breathing profusely as he paced round the first room with blood stains all over his face and cloth.

Lord Nathaniel who had also entered walked towards one of the windows to check the compound. He had blood stains over his whole cloth and face likewise.

Few seconds after Khora closed the last window, they heard a groin from the third man who fell down few steps away from the door. Khora rushed towards him instantly and tried to help him up.

“Hey.. Hey.. Look at me, hey” He shouted repeatedly as he squatted before him. He stared at the bullet wound on his belly and called out to him again.

“Hey.. Look at me, what is your name?” he asked and tapped his cheek twice but there was no response from the man.

He stand up instantly and turned to look at lord Nathaniel who was just returning from the window.

“We narrowly escaped death today my lord. We need to contact our men instantly”

He phrased as the drug lord stared him a look, a look displaying many questions.

“Get in touch with our men instantly and find out where the hell Margot and Vladimir is” lord Nathaniel told him.

Margot finally opened her eyes and her sight quickly correspond with the reflection of the room as she stared sternly at the figure seating before her. She looked shocked at first but her reaction soon changed.

“I’m sure you don’t expect me to be silent when you attacked three of my transport truck few weeks ago Margot” Valentine remarked in a stern tone. He looked furious and somewhat expressionless or rather unreadable.

He was still in the same attire like the day before, all black including the sneakers on his feet except the hat on his head.

He made a smirk afterwards and stared at Margot who turned to him immediately she looked at all the occupant in the room.

“You !!” Margot exclaimed audibly in fright on seeing Valentine seated before her.

She foam in annoyance and shut her eyes for a moment as Blood gush down from her forehead to her face and her knees hurt very badly.

“Sir, we have a situation” One of the men in the room interrupted Valentine who was about to speak immediately after Margot exclamation. He stepped closer to Val and bend to whisper something to him.

“We have reports that Lord Vladimir escaped from our men” he whispered as Valentine turned to him.

“We’ve been trying to reach out to our other men but to no avail likewise. I think Lord Nathaniel might have escaped too”

12:30 am

Chairman Kim Shun jerked up suddenly from slumber immediately he heard a loud sound. Its seems as though he heard the loud bang from his dreams until few seconds after he jerked up on bed.

He squinted to assimilate the light overing on his face at first and stretched out his right arm as shade when he heard another quick and loud bang twice.

He turned towards the door quickly with confusion and was about to sit up when he heard another loud bang, this time very close to the door that leads out to his room.

The door suddenly smashed open and his personal assistant ran inside the room.

He was yet to unravel the situation due to his deep sleep that was interrupted when a gunman entered the room.

Franklin entered the room after the chairman personal assistant was pushed inside by the two men leading him on. He turned to chairman Kim who sprang up instantly in extreme fear when he saw them.

Frank made a blink immediately and smiled.

“Kim Shun. I hope you are ready for me tonight?” Frank nodded and asked almost immediately a gunshot sounded in the room and the chairman personal assistant fell dead on the floor, making a loud thud.

Chairman Kim froze in fright.

To be continued

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