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I Want A Home – Episode 66

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I Want A Home – Episode 66
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Steve finally navigated and entered the compound straightforward, he was driving while Joel was seated at the front passenger side.

Both doors of the vehicle opened and they got out from the car after Steve halted. Joel walked behind the car immediately and opened the boot.

“We are here man” He told Cyrus whose mouth was tapped and hands tied behind him. He made a funny chuckle and tried to help Cyrus out of the car.

“Bring him inside” Steve told Joel and began to walk away after locking the car doors.

“I think they are here”

“Yeah. I think so” Derrick stand up immediately he heard the sound of a car outside the building. He quickly went to the window and he could see Joel bringing out Cyrus from the boot but he couldn’t have a proper view of Steve who was almost close to the entrance door.

“Let me get the doors” He was still saying when the door bell at the entrance sounded. He walked to the door immediately and began to unlock the security lock.

It took him less than 30 seconds to get the door opened and Steve stepped inside.

“Hey man” Derrick greeted him.
“Hey.. Is he here?” Steve greeted back and asked as Derrick stepped back to let him inside.

On the three sofas in the first room were three men, aunty Rhoda husband was seated in one while two other men were seated differently.

The first person Steve recognized was Mr. Stephen but the two other were purely unidentified men. The look on Steve face changed instantly when he sighted the men and he turned to Derrick immediately almost likely same seconds Joel entered the room with Cyrus.

“Good day Steve” Aunty Rhoda husband greeted while Steve turned away from Derrick.

“This is Jakoby and this is Jason, they are ex military men who got axe in a work up mission two years ago” Mr. Stephen quickly introduced.

“I brought them with me” He added.

07:23 am

Mr. Doss rushed out from the car immediately he halted few distance from the front balcony of the mansion.

The two suited agents who had seen him speeding on earlier quickly rushed to meet him. “Where is my father?” he shouted in fright.

“You need to calm down Mr. Doss”
“Where the hell is my father?” He shouted at the agent who told him to calm down and rushed out between the agents swiftly.

He proceeded straight into the mansion and headed immediately for Chairman Kim Shun room. It took him less than two minutes since he knows his way around the house and he was inside the room few seconds later.

He stared wide in shock at the very sight of the lifeless body on the floor immediately he rushed inside, the door was left ajar and he didn’t have to knock before he entered.

He stepped into the room slowly still staring at the lifeless body of his father’s personal assistant. He turned sharply towards the bed and met an unfortunate stares from his father.

“Dad” He called out slowly.

“What the fu..ck did you say happened?” Valentine shouted at the trembling man standing before him, he dropped the glass cup he held on the desk and stared the man a disappointing look.

He was dressed differently from the night before and he was seated inside his main office. A well decorated room furnished with expensive decors, a TV was placed few centimeters away from the desk and a live news was on the air.

“They escaped sir” the trembling man repeated after interrupting the news Valentine was watching.

He stared at the trembling man for a moment and caught his glimpse ranging over the gun placed on the same desk where Valentine’s laptop was placed.

“Why do you let them escape you Ahmed?” Valentine asked in a stern tone.

“Sir !!” The trembled man phrased as if he didn’t hear the question. He bowed straightened from making eye contact with Valentine and looked down at the gun on the desk.

There was an immediate silence few seconds later which resulted to a chuckle from Valentine and the trembling dude still couldn’t find the response to give the question.

“I asked you a question Man” Valentine asked him again and stand up. He took up the cup on the desk and walked out from the space within the office desk towards the window.

He made a deep breath and took a sip from the wine in the cup, he pocketed his left hand and maintained his stands from the window. The early morning sun shone far from the sky and its reflection was vividly bouncing on the window.

“I do not understand how they manage to get away sir” the trembling man finally answered and made a blink in fright. He looked up at Valentine immediately and his heart beats twice instantly, obviously unsure if he had said the right thing.

“The two of them escaped isn’t it?” Valentine asked him.

“Yes sir”

“Find them !! You have 24 hours to bring them to me”

Dressed in blue suit, a black shade and a black matching shoe with a side loosed button. Mr. Ruiz ended the call he just made and heaved a deep breath after dropping off the phone.

He placed both elbow on the armrest of the chair as if to think for a moment and turned to look at Michael who just gave him the information.

“Where exactly are the box been transferred from?” he asked.

“Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Korea. We do know they are moving the boxes but the exact time for the transportation are still unknown” Michael answered.

“We have no other choice, gather our men together. We must hijack the box before it get to them, I’m sure enough security will be provided but we can bridge it with a good plan in place”

“Okay sir” Michael said and bowed respectfully before turning to leave instantly while Mr. Ruiz watched him walk away.

Lord Nathaniel blinked twice as he maintained a serious look at the TV.

“Boss, lord Vladimir was also attacked on the way” Khora announced as the drug lord jerked up instantly.

Over eight of their boys were already in the room and three men outside the compound.

“What !!” Lord Nathaniel exclaimed loud in shock and turned to Khora.

“The men that attacked us had a tattoo on their shoulders” Khora announced and stand up instantly, he carried the laptop one of their men brought along and walked closer to show lord Nathaniel.

A picture displayed instantly on the laptop and lord Nathaniel turned from the TV to the laptop.

“We don’t seem to understand what is going on but we can’t find Lord Margot. We followed all your instructions and we ransacked the whole building” one of the men in the room continued speaking.

To be continued..

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