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Neurosurgeon Beasts : Prologue

Neurosurgeon Beasts

                             NEUROSURGEON BEASTS

This material is written and produced by Ireti Adedipe, it is a fictional work and does not in any form relates with the Names, places or things featured. Any relation is absolutely coincidental.


V-Guard Tv Breaking News:

“The international summit had been disrupted as you all can see on your Television set, few of the international leaders barely managed to survive the gun attack which we can’t really say how many of them are dead yet but the whole vicinity has been vacated immediately the assailants shot President Godwin Benson.

We aren’t sure of the situation yet because no press member was allowed into the facility but we’ve seen some of the Senators and Ambassadors escorted out by some NIS agents and Police officers”

CRSO Tv Breaking News:

“The meeting which was to hold earlier today at the White House but was substitute to another location due to some imperative profound reasons had been vacated immediately President Godwin Benson was shot. We cannot absolutely say if the President is dead or could die because he was shot at a cavity point where his chances of survival are slim according to the Prime Minister. But we have seen some of the Senators and Ambassadors safely escorted out by some NIS and the Cops”

CNN Breaking News:

“The Cops are presently in pursuit of the Assailants and President Godwin Benson among other few members had been taken to the hospital.

However, we have reports that 27 Civilians had died including 8 Cops and 4 other agents badly injured as well as the President who had been taken to the hospital. The vicinity had been evacuated straightaway and surrounded by NIS agent in search of the Vice President who had ran for safety”

The VRC Breaking News:

“It’s quite suspicious and attention calling as to why the International summit was changed to a different location earlier-on with the profound reasons given instead of the White House where the Meeting ought to have held but we do have a report that the Assailants had penetrated into the meeting location through a security bridge that wasn’t properly handled by agents assigned to the State Officials.

Most part of the facility were badly burnt and lots of Civilians lost their lives at the process of the attack, we can imperative say that”


There was a loud hiss in the room and the channel was changed back to the CNN news, Evelyn William dropped the mug on the table and poured the coffee she had just prepared.

She turned back to the Tv set where her brother was seated and squinted after a glance, she carried the two mug she had just filled with coffee and headed to his direction immediately.

“Why did you change that Channel Doss? Among all the Broadcasting stations, The VRC channel seems the best out of all” the twenty year old lady asked her brother after making a giggle before she handed one of the coffee mug over and settled on the sofa beside him.

“The VRC is full of shit Evelyn, why goddamn could a broadcast channel not see goodies in things but criticism?”

“No goodies had happened brother, President Godwin Benson was shot, 27 civilians died and there was an attack that disrupt the international summit. So?” Evelyn remarked as her brother collected the coffee and welcomed her into his arms right after she sat.

“We shouldn’t start arguing Evelyn, the president was just attacked, so be good citizens for once now that I’m taking the week off darling” Doss said and made a quick chuckle, he adjusted his seating position and tried to move his sister’s hands placed on his chest playfully.

He smiled in response and waved his fingers on her head, deliberately scattering her properly arranged hair.

“Shh… you don’t have to say anything darling, let’s just watch the news in peace please” he beckoned before his phone began to beep and a message box displayed from a contact saved as Doctor Reuben. “Doss, you are needed at the Hospital right away” the text displayed.

Watch out for this Action Packed in Episodes.

Whereas, anticipate “Vera”

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