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Stories I Don’t Tell ( Epic 2)

Stories I don't tell
Stories I don't tell
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Stories I Don’t Tell (Epic 2)
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Richmond woke up to the sound of plates and pans rattling in the kitchen and Cindy humming. He opened his eyes then recalled what happened at night.

As though he was being pursued, he stood up. Put on his denim trousers quickly and T-shirt that boldly read Hard Guy. He checked his wristwatch it was 7 a.m.

His phone had four missed calls from Shakira.
Thank God, he sighed on checking out the phone. After he was done dressing, he made for the door and Cindy spoke from the kitchen.

“Is that how you leave your lovers high and dry? Not even a thank you maam?” he heard Cindy’s voice as he made for the door quietly.

“I wasnt leaving yet” Richmond lied.

Cindy showed up at the door in her bum shot and spaghetti top on a towel drying water off her hands. The first thing Richmond noticed were the nipples standing at attention poking through the flimsy top.

His south region began to bulge and Cindy was quick to notice. She threw the towel on the kitchen counter and turned to him smiling. It was the smiling of a woman who knew what she was doing to a clueless man.

“Cindy. I would like to start leaving” he phrased almost in whispers, taken aback at the very sight of Cindy’s chest.

Cindy sashayed to meet him where he stood.
“You weren’t so eager to leave last night” she says and smiled seductively.

she bit her lower lip and released them slowly.

“It was late” came Richmond response.

“Now it isnt?” Cindy cocked her head to one side.

Richmond phone began to ring. He checked the screen. It was Shakira.
“I have to pick this” he said and tried to excuse himself from Cindy.

“Go ahead” Cindy said and smiled.

“Hello Shakira” Cindy hands began to roam his abs and she was aiming for his dick as he answered the call.

“Sorry sorry, I was asleep when you called. Can I, can I call you back please?”

He kept quiet to listen some more and the same time he was trying not to let Cindy caresses get to him but his body was betraying on every primal level.

“Sorry darling, I’ll make it up to you.
He ended the call and Cindy stopped.

“Cindy, I really have to go” he beckoned.

“I’m not holding back am I?” Cindy began to unbuckle his belt.

Richmond threw his phone on the bed and his hands were on the tempting nipples straightened without a second thought. If she wanted a last sex session he would give it to her. That was when his mind began to replay the scene of the early hours, His hands dropped to his side.

“Cindy, what was that about?”

“What?” Cindy eyes were smoky and she was’nt interested in any discussion, she unzipped her bum shot and stepped out of it.

“You spoke from your sleep. You told me not to stare at you and when I continued, you threw the golf stick at your bedside at me. Your eyes were luminous and I was scared”

Cindy laughed. “Maybe you were dreaming” she joked as her fingers roam across his south region.

“I wasn’t dreaming. I know what I saw”

“I cant remember anything of sort” she added and finally pulled out the belt.

Cindy pulled him down and locked her lips with his in a passionate kiss. All argument and plans for escape flew out of Richmond as his mind went blank.

Cindy stood on her tiptoe and rubbed her nipples at his chest as the kiss continued. Richmond carried her to his hips and his trousers fell to his ankles.

She locked her arms behind his neck. Richmond carried her to a nearby wall and the fucking began. Cindy was all wet and in a space five minutes there was a mix of fluid and sweat.

“What a sweet way to start a Saturday morning” Cindy said in an upbeat voice.

“Early morning workout is good for the body you know?” she added and jerk away from his tight hold. She adjusted her brazier and moved back from the wall.

Richmond felt cheap and used for the first time in his life. Cindy was not a good person to hang around. She needed him in no way except for his dick. He was very sure if his dick wasn’t functional she would ditch him in a heartbeat.

He replied Cindy in monosyllables and she didn’t care. She got what she wanted so he can go grab the devil by the horn and fuck him in the ass.

To be continued..

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